Thursday, May 03, 2012

ob·serv·ant /əbˈzərvənt/

Is it possible to be too observant? To notice things that no one else does, that to the naked and untrained eye and brain no one else can see?

To look at a piece of art and notice the intricate detail and different brush strokes; to see a lawn and notice the ant farm pulsing beneath the soil; to smell the forest and the underlying scent of morel mushrooms; to notice a squeaky chain and converesly, an oiled one; to notice who's breathing harder in a race and observing their body language; to pick up on someone's emotions; to recognize a moment when a friend needs a hug more than anything; to see that life is full of abundant observations and you get to choose what to do with that information.

Are we trained to observe those things? Is it because we pay attention only to the things that greatly interest us? Or that we are paid to observe?

For some, this observance comes naturally to a wide scope of things. I consider myself one of those people. I notice when life is happening - right before my eyes and from afar. Everyday I observe the immediate world spinning in front of me and choose how to process it. Admittedly, my lenses are rose colored. I definitely choose to focus on the positive things happening: the laughing babies, the happy people, harmony whirling all around. The more I see it, the more it shows itself to me. Doors open, experiences broaden, life is experienced in HD.

I challenge you to be more observant. To take an ordinary task, something you do everyday, and notice something new about it. See how moving something on your desk increases productivity or reduces stress; write a love note just because; how mowing the lawn upsets the ant hill yet frees up a new food source; how nice and quiet it can be without those yapping wiener dogs next door. :)

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