Tuesday, May 01, 2012

W is for Winner!

Whoa - where did last week go? It's Tuesday already, nearly a week since my last post and things went by in a whirl! Days were filled with lots of work (trying to get as many hours as possible in before heading to Spain), training hard (prepping for Liberty Classic in Philly), house stuff, dog stuff, mountain biking, racing - you name it! Oh, and quality time on the couch with Benjamin playing Mario Kart. I mean, priorities - right?

By the time Sunday rolled around and we were heading out to the group ride, I was overcooked. Probably more mental than anything - I didn't have the desire to push my body any more. And if I did, it came in short bursts of speed that left me gasping for air. For good reason too - I've been hitting it hard since returning from Australia. And all of that work is paying off with back to back wins the past two weekends.

Yep, you read that right: another W. In a completely different discipline. Crit, Mountain, Spring Classic - I like to spread the love!

Now it's a rest week and I'm getting in some much needed rest. I'm working the brain on learning Spanish, the body in yoga class and enjoying one sunny day after another. Stopping to smell the roses is pretty sweet.

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