Wednesday, May 02, 2012

This is Makiah before.... 

I got a little carried away.

I was just going to give Makiah a trim this morning. And I started with the longer attachment on a pair of sheers. When I had her flip to the other side after spending nearly an hour on her right side, I didn't realize I forgot to put the attachment back on. Not until I thought, wow - these things are working much better!

Uh oh. I buzz cut my dog.

Seeing as I still had her head and chest to do, and that I had already spent 3 hours trimming the little fur ball, I made an executive decision and gave her the lion mane cut.

I think she's pissed. But then again, she always seems to be. After vacuuming up enough fur to fill a pillow case, I went upstairs and found her and Moonli cuddling. Those who know Makiah know she doesn't "cuddle." Her exterior fur keeps her extra toasty but being naked she was practically spooning with him.

I'm seriously contemplating not taking her to the dog park until it grows back or once we get a scorcher. Poor dog.

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