Friday, May 25, 2012

R. Triplett Tribute #4

This is the fourth year since Ryan's passing. In commemoration of his being, I'm putting out a series of 5 tributes: a collection of short true stories of experiences we shared and in essence, give you a glimpse of his unforgettable character. With his 35th birthday coming up on June 5th, and going into the fifth year of his absence, I wanted the world know what a big impression he left on my life. 

Every time I hear the Postal Service, I am transported back to 2001. We had just married and had so much adventure and life a head of us. A honeymoon in Yosemite, nearly dying, bringing Makiah into our lives, moving to Seattle, starting new.

Death Cab for Cutie blossomed out of Bellingham the same time we did.

Flash forward to September 7, 2008....

When Ryan passed, word spread like wild fire. The outpouring from the cycling and climbing communities was huge. 300 people showed up to his memorial, a testament to the people he touched. I was speechless. One person after another got up and told a funny sweet story about Ryan.

I feel for those who never met him. Each person who spoke said they felt like Ryan was their best friend. He never judged anyone, always made time for those he loved and listened well.

Josh put together an amazing compilation of songs. Songs that Ryan listened to, songs that embodied his spirit, songs that remind me of him that I swear he's in the room with me whenever I listen to them.

I haven't cried like this in a while. I actually have more snot on my clothing from my own nose then Moonli's.  I know it's part of the process - part of the healing and remembering and love.  Oh, the path of life. Sometimes it rips your heart out. To have found love again is such a gift. Something so unexpected and wonderful. Thank you Ryan.

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