Friday, November 19, 2010

This mornings wake up call was a rude awakening that I can use every last minute of sleep and propping the legs up to recharge and recover between efforts. It's hard to believe that last week during the devo camp we were up and at the track by 7:30 every morning and this is the first time this week we've had the early bird special.

My life today consists of sleeping, waking up, eating, drinking coffee, going to the track and turning myself inside out for quality efforts and then eating, sleeping for two more hours, waking up and then eating again. And we're not talking little meals here. We're talking gigantic, stuff your face, my belly kind of hurts food. Only to have the cycle repeat itself in two hours. Ten days of straight track time will certainly boost the metabolism and leave a sister hungry for days. Just as long as I don't break out the kitchen aide when I get home, it'll be all good.

As I happily eat my last couple of bites of turkey enchiladas courtesy of Gary and Anita (they are to die for!) I'm already contemplating my second nap of the day. The beauty of being down here solely for training is that you can maximize your recovery. Those little house chores don't nag at you and you can easily ignore the dishes in the sink. This whole experience has certainly opened my eyes to how elite athletes do it. And for as hard as I put my body in the hurt box, I certainly maximize the laziness factor.

Nap time. Round two.

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