Thursday, November 18, 2010


Everybody needs it, right? Regardless of the task you are trying to accomplish - the promoption at work, cleaning your house, getting out of bed, doing your homework or tackling a workout - we all need a reason to complete what we set out to do.

Sometimes this motivation comes easy. Say you want to earn more money, then you'll put in more hours at work, go the extra mile, try to impress the boss. Say you have house guests coming over or a dinner party. Suddenly those piles of clothing, paper, clutter on the counter, etc get whisked away in no time at all. Or say you've got a big test coming up that will determine how you do overall in a class. You'll sit out a friday night party or sacrifice some other social outing to do well, right? Or say you've got a athletic goal in mind. Sure you might be able to get away with skipping a workout here or there but the cumulative gains made from sticking to your prescribed workouts get you up on the trainer or out the door in adverse weather.

Historically november is a hard month for me. But i think that stretches beyond my small scope. I'm willing to say all northwesterners feel the blues this time of year, when the sun sets near 4pm, and rarely shines. The transition between fall and winter leaves the ground a damp and cold and is seriously unmotivating. But this is where the gains are made. This is where that cumulative effect will kick in and shine in the spring and summer months.

Funny, I am in california right now for the first time during the hardest month of the year and can still feel what awaits me when i return home come sunday. But I am ready because this year I am motivated by thoughts of international competition. Of pushing myself to new levels. Of the challenges it will bring and the eagerness to be as prepared as possible for the next chapter in my life.

So if you're contemplating getting out there in the nasty weather, picking up for guests, studying hard for an exam, getting that promotion - just do it. You'll be thankful you did.

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Dave said...

I'm doing it! Also planning on BTS tonight. Sorry you cant make it.