Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day one

It's the morning of day one at track camp, installment 2.0. Everyone gathered yesterday afternoon at the velodrome to go for a spin down to the beach in preparation for the week's efforts. Our camp ballooned to twelve girls, nearly double what we had last month. I'm surrounded by a lot of talent and their jerseys show it - peanut butter & co/2012 and tibco are almost even in numbers. Which means this week should be good and hard.

I'm feeling good - rested and possibly more fit than before. To be able to continue training this hard this late into the season is pretty remarkable. And I could easily get used to putting in the serious base miles in the warmer spring and summer months in preparation for a winter spent on indoor velodromes.

Installment 2.0 stepped it up a little two with the support we have - a bona Fide care taker (I'm avoiding any attempts to try and spell the word associated with that role!), mechanic and coach. We are set up for success.

One note I will mention is that this first week is the development camp and next week, Megan and I are staying on to get some experience in the elite camp. We should have a solid block of training prior to melbourne.

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