Monday, November 22, 2010

Chocolate coated...

The lazy afternoon and evening from the last time I wrote was down time well spent. I only left my hotel room on a late night triple chocolate chip cookie and chocolate mochi ice cream run at Trader Joes. I am all about setting personal bests this trip - as I gobbled up three cookies in under 6 minutes on the drive back to the hotel. Did I feel guilty about laying on my duff and then eating two mochi chocolate ice cream bonbons before passing out with chocolate smeared on my face? Not at all.

The next day the recovery time proved invaluable. As did the chocolate calories. We had three sets of kilos, one from a standing start, a couple of laps of recovery on the apron, then a flying kilo, a few more recovery laps and then one more flying effort to complete a set. We upped the gear to a 51 x 14 (98") and I can honestly say, this it felt amazing. I like pushing big gears. I like the burn it produces in my legs and the muscular fatigue I feel versus taping into my limited lung capacity. My legs synced up with my mind and after our first set, Benjamin paired me into the group with Jennie and Kim. Turns out our little trio hit the most consistent and steady mark for a flying kilo. I was floating on cloud nine.

I am pretty excited to end this huge block of training on such a high note. Time spent down in LA was time well spent. And now after a few days of recovery and rest, I'll get back on my pony and do some efforts in prep for Melbourne that I leave for in six days!

Wow. I still have that pinch me, I must be dreaming feeling. And if you happen to see chocolate smeared on my face, ignore it.

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