Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rested scatterbrain.

I got home from Los angeles on Sunday night and have been in taper mode since. The first three days were completely off the bike, which was well timed with the first snow storm of the season. I didn't feel guilty at all about not hopping on the rollers or trainer but instead focused on getting to some house projects and relaxing. My mind and body soaked up the down time and my first harder effort was on thanksgiving morning.

My friend Liz helps run seattle multisport located in the fermont area. Tim Becker has a studio adorned with eight computrainers, a million videos, and all of the indoor training equipment you could think of. The walls are covered in cycling and triathlete posters from the past three or more decades. Six years ago when I first started training, I would go to his old studio located by university village and hammer out the intervals. I remember how encouraging he was then and looking at power charts and comparing my raw numbers to see how I stacked up. Even then my raw power put me in the elite ranks, fueling my fire. See Tim? You were right! It makes me thankful for all the people who spoted that talent in me early on and nurtured my spirit to follow my dreams.

Liz thought I was nuts. I was in the best mood. Being back in tim's studio after six years and heading to my first world cup coupled with watching "Breaking Away" made those four by ten minute threshold efforts fly by.

I had decided two weeks ago to stay in Seattle for thanksgiving because the daunting thought of doing a 12 hour roundtrip ride in the car right before I take off for Melbourne was stressing me out. My family was supportive of my decision and I got an invite to Ben and Danielle's house for Tanksgittin' 2010. Danielle is an amazing chef - for those of you that made it to my birthday party this year she did all the food. The girl has mad talent in the kitchen. There were thirteen orphans, two smoked turkeys, four canines scurrying about, brussel sprouts, persimmion spinach salad, fermont brewery ipa on tap from the keg, four pies for desert (two pumpkin ones were my contribution) and a million laughs. I finally got full after two generous servings of numnum food.

If the day after is any indication of how good of a time makiah had, she didn't move at all. It was great. Seeing her smile like that around people and good food? Priceless.

Tomorrow afternoon I take off for twenty plus days. I am excited for the opportunity to race my bike overseas and do what I love. What a gift. It just goes to show you can do anything you put your mind to.

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