Saturday, November 27, 2010

High roller

This one deserves its own post.

Kids: try this at home.

Rollers and winter training go hand in hand. Rollers are a mechanism that allows cyclists to balance on their bike and pedal without having a stationary front wheel. It mimics riding outdoors far more then a trainer but you have to pay attention to what you are doing a little bit more.

In the past six years I've been racing and riding rollers, I have never once fallen off. As friends would show me bruises from their ill fated roller rides, I just never understood how that could happen. Until wednesday.

Picture this: I'm in my living room, tv tuned to universal sports, perched up on my rollers between a coffee table and fireplace with a yoga mat beneath me to catch the sweat. I'm cruising along at a steady clip and 110 rpm. I'm about eight minutes from finishing my hour long session and I've been watching figure skating. A few minutes ago, the men's competition started and I was noticing how different their movements are to the grace and beauty of the women. The guys are more powerful, more springy and violent in their jumps. I'm mesmerized by the flash of sequins this guy has on as he jumps up to attempt a triple lutz and doesn't land it, all hell breaks loose. My bike flies off the rollers to the right, I fly left into the fireplace, piercing the palm of my hand like Jesus. I shake myself off, thankful I didn't break anything. And that's when i discover my bike Is spewing out water. My first thought was oh no, I cracked my carbon frame. Great! But then I discover two holes near the rear dropouts that were designed there. Before I got back on the bike I posted a note on facebook, owning up to my blunder. And noting that i scared the piss out of my bike.

This sport is dangerous I tell you!

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