Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stepping it up.

Wow. I sound like a two pack a day smoker. Super hot.

Today's effort left me gasping for air. The 94" gear is taking more of a toll on my card system then it should so for the second effort, I upped my gearing to a 96". I started both efforts, nailing the split time on the second go around but was also hammered by the fact that coryn is 5'1" and provides little to no draft, what so ever. Every time she was on the front, I would hunker down and try to get as small as possible to elicit some sort of draft. But realistically only my bike saw the benefit of that.

That which doesn't kill you can only make you stronger, right? Or some such thing.

And another blunder that irrates me to no end is that I bonked today. I miscalculated my food intake so that for the second set I was hosed. It seems like I revisit this lesson every six months and it bites me in the arse each time. Apparently my metabolism is in overdrive from the past week or so. I cannot wait to return home and eat and eat and eat. For once I'm envious of those holiday winter pounds....

More hard core workouts tomorrow. The elite girls show up with game faces on and are somber at the track. The atmosphere is different, for sure. It's motivating to be around but will take some adaptation. It is all business with these ladies.

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