Monday, October 04, 2010

Wow. A successful assault at USA elite track nationals this year. Jonesy's group was wildly successful thanks to her amazing coaching, careful preparation and attention to detail. Her timing was to a tee for each one of us girls and between the group we collected the following hardware:

Liz - two national titles. The 500m and team sprint. Along with a third place in the sprint tournament and kieirin.
Tela- fifth place in the sprint tournament, second in team sprint and 6th in the kierin. 
Jennie- two national titles, one in the scratch race and the other in the women Madison.
Myself- a silver in the Madison, and two thirds in the international omnium and scratch race. 

Not only did we represent marymoor in style, but we probably brought home more medals then on record. I'll have to look into that one. 

Oh and i also get to mention dan harm was on the winning team pursuit team. His Ouch team is definitely on track for the upcoming world cup season starting this winter. 

There were so many highlights, and a few blunders. But all in all the highlights far outweighed any shortcomings. To be part of history, especially in the first women national championship madison was truly an honor. 

So what's up next? Well, I'm glad you asked. In a week and a half i head back down to LA for a team pursuit development camp and am really looking forward to the opportunity it will provide. But in the next few days, i get to enjoy some much deserved and needed time off. 

A quick calculation of racing laps.... 100 Madison, 140 points race (heat and final)' 40 scratch race, 80 points race in omnium, 40 scratch race in omnium, 3 laps for 500m tt and flying lap, and 12 laps for the 3k pursuit. Not to mention five days of 40 lap warmups let's say 200 laps. That's 655 laps. Not to mention about three hours logged on the rollers. I am ever so thankful for those hardcore double days and hard efforts, as much as i may have resented them at the time. What a difference it made!

Boy i am sure thankful for the wonderful support network I ha built up around me. I feel like my success was due to so many people pulling for me in so many ways. From training partners, to borrowed equipment, to time off from work (thanks mom!), to my California car (thanks pops and Anita!), dog sitters, encouraging teammates, friends and family members, my fantastic and best coach in the business, ms. Jennie reed. And as corny as it may sound, my facebook fan club. Thanks for the comments everyone, it means a lot that you care!

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Rick Adams said...

Jen -- truly a great job