Sunday, October 24, 2010

Social blunder

My new found sleeping patterns are borderline ridiculous. Before last week, I was able to sleep a solid eight hours, no problem. After last week, I'm lucky if I can get four hours straight in a row. This morning the heavy rains woke me up and my groggy internal clock decided at 5:30 am it was time to rise and shine.

So maybe it's from the lack of sleep or fatigue or something that contributed to a super awkward yet kind if funny oh-damn-you-have-got-to-be-joking-me moments...

The setup: Makiah's trusty and amazing dog sitters and good friends, Kyle and Laura had their wedding reception last night. The knot had been tied a few weeks earlier in a family exclusive ceremony so Laura's parents threw them a party and invited friends and family to party down at the Seattle Tennis Club. The party was cocktail themed so after our meet the team ride, I went shopping to find something fun to wear and pick them up a gift.

As I was walking around University Village, I ran into my dear friends Dale and Laura, visiting firm Bellingham. Some days I can't believe what a small world it is.

I spoke to my friend Jonah as I was out and about and he offered to give me a ride with him, Annie and their two kids Sophia and Max. The only problem being that their Prius was not designed to hold two car seats and three adults, so Annie volunteered to sit in the back. Jonah pulls up in front of the house to pick me up, and I see the two kids in the back seat, the front seat open and wondered where Annie was. Once I in the car, Annie pops up from the hatchback and says, "drunk monkey in the back!" I laughed for a solid five minutes straight.

At the party were a lot of Laura's parents friends and we mingle and greet the newlyweds and start toasting in celebration. Kyle and Laura are rock climbers and knew Ryan fairly well so it has been wonderful to stay in touch with them over the past couple of years. They also have a piece of property in the same community over in the Methow Valley so we're practically neighbors.

Also at the party are some of Ryan's dear climbing friends, some of whom I haven't seen in ages largely because our paths don't cross much. But it was super great to see them all, raise a glass or two in celebration for all if the good stuff going on - career moves, new babies, and life spinning madly on.

Since Jonah and family had a short fuse (as Max is only two and a half) I arranged to ride home with Ben and Danielle. The night continued on and the open bar had a line throughout the night. At one point, I hadn't seen Ben or Danielle in some time, so worried I sent Ben a text saying, "you still here?"

Two seconds later, Ben comes flying into the room with a look of panic and disbelief. Immediately I knew what I had done.

Earlier in the week, after two plus years of keeping Ryan's cell phone number, I decided to take it up as my own. New technology prompted the move along with some personal growth so I have been working on transferring all of my contacts over. And despite Ben's upgrade to new technology, he still kept Ryan's contact information. And when I sent a text to Ben it popped up from Ryan Triplett and he nearly shit his pants. Dope! He came busting into the room to share it with me..... talk about a social blunder.

Luckily Ben has a good sense of humor so we laughed long and hard about it... but still. And in classic form, Ryan certainly got the last laugh.

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Marcy said...

That's pretty funny. I am glad I got to hear his voice one last time on the old voicemail message. And I'm glad that you are moving on to greener pastures, I just love hearing that you are so happy now. YOU DESERVE IT JENN!