Saturday, October 16, 2010

And, I'm spent.

It's nearly five o'clock and a nap at this time would be disastrous. But my body is pretty tired from the fifth early morning start in a row with progressively harder efforts. Yesterday's billion standing starts and timing drills took a little more out of the system then I thought even though we were under geared. (ha! If you consider a 94" under geared...)

On tap for today was three 3k efforts, two standing and one flying. Translation: two from a stand still, which in turn puts a lot of load on the legs, and another with using the banking to ease the acceleration and in theory go 5 seconds faster then the standing efforts since you eliminate the start. I got to lead all three efforts and one thing i noticed was that the flying effort seemed to take more out of me then the standing starts. Maybe that's because the wind up taxes you a little bit more? Or maybe because we were on a 18.5 schedule and shooting for a 3:43. We managed to hit a 3:42, which is not bad at all! We were all pretty pleased with the effort, that's for sure.

After the track workout we headed out to paolos verdes to get some endurance training in. And there, on the climb behind k-Mac, I hit my limit. That girl is a born climber yo! She dances on those pedals and just floats up the hill, chatting away and loving every minute if it. It's amazing to surround yourself with such great talent.

All in all the week has been great. I have learned a lot, and really value the time and energy USA cycling has put into the development camps.

Some big news is developing, and i will share more when it's appropriate.

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