Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fat Vermons

My life feels so busy lately. Similar to how the squirrels (whose bellies drag on the ground they're so fat!) in my neighborhood are frantically scrounging up food for the cold winter ahead, I feel an urgency to get things done before winter settles in. My own honey-do list is long.

This morning I cleaned the gutters, which always reminds me of a few autumns ago when I woke up to a house nearly flooded thanks to some full gutters. Ryan and I hadn't cleaned them - ever.

He was off at work and it was 50 degrees and raining so hard that day. I got to wrestle my collapsible 25 foot ladder up the side of my house. My next door neighbor Jo came over and we saved the homestead together, laughing at how deferred maintenance always kicks you in the ass. Every time I mention the gutters we both giggle.

It has been absolutely gorgeous out lately. Very chilly in the mornings but by the afternoon the sun's warmth wakens me and I can't help but notice the brilliant fall colors pop against a light blue sky.

Lately I've been really appreciating living in the moment with complete clarity. I feel more myself then I have in a long, long time. And I feel like sharing it with everyone I know with the urgency of a belly dragging squirrel.


james said...

You have been acting like yourself lately too! George and I really enjoyed our visit with you in LB. You were like the old Jenny that we love and adore. Welcome back! We love you and support you in ALL you do!!

Anonymous said...

What a delight to see you these past two visits. And looking forward to the next one. You are SUCH a special lady and we love you ooodles!
Pops and Anita

Gary and Anita said...

What a delight to see you these last two visits. And we look forward to the upcoming one. What a SUPER lady you are. We love you oooodles!
Pops and Anita