Friday, October 01, 2010

Two for two

Little to my surprise, I did it again with the bronze this morning with a solid ride in a 40 lap scratch race. Jennie won it with colleen stuck fast to her hip. It was Strange race at times with lots of people trying to make something happen off the front of the race, to no avail. The most serious threat came with about six laps to go when heather albert launched solo off the front. Jennie and i timed the chase to perfection with me leading with a lap and a half to go. She stayed on my hip with Colleen stuck to her wheel and then we charged down the lane. She had such speed coming in front of me that it was all I could do to spin my legs off. Thank goodness for that big gear I was in!

The best part about going into the scratch race after that fantastic race and finish yesterday was that there was no pressure. No pressure to preform - just the ability to race my bike and see what i could do. Crazy as it may sound too, being on the podium after such a short race felt strange. I didn't have the long hard battle I had before getting up there... The long hard fought battle of the day before. It still felt wonderful, don't get me wrong. But it felt different. Maybe that's fatigue talking!

Probably one of the great highlights, though there have been many, was having ryan's dad and step mom up in the stands watching me. They saw my effort, they know how much I've been working and how more then anything i would have loved to have Ryan here to witness it. I know he was watching and cheering louder then anyone. That was for you Bubba.

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Sarah Brown said...

Congrats Jenn! So so happy for you. It's fun to see your name and photo on the big cycling news websites. You have worked so hard for this glory!
Sarah Brown