Monday, April 05, 2010


Whoa, where did last week go?

It's funny how when it's a rest week a lot of things don't get done even though you have the time. Why is that? Is it because when you don't have time you're suddenly able to do more? Or is it because the beauty of being a woman comes into play and your multitasking skills shine through?

Or was it from the keg stands I did at my birthday party on Wednesday that had me rocked until just yesterday? It couldn't be that... no way! It totally was.

Thank you all who came out to my house on a Wednesday to help me celebrate the milestone year of 32. Not to mention the Tallboys who played in my living room and Danielle's amazing BBQ catering - along with a Maritime Pale Ale keg. Good times! I even got to wear my new Value Village chaps.

But this week it's back to reality - including back to some hard core training. The rest week is over! And now I'm facing back to back to back double day workouts with some serious interval training sessions in prep for the upcoming season. Jennie increased the intensity of everything - from weights to intervals. My motto? Suffer now so you don't have to suffer later. And it pays off - it already has - so I know the deeper I dig now, the more it'll pay off later. And there are National titles to win and world cup aspirations to be had... so giddy up!

On a side note - our MVA auction was another HUGE success. I got some sweet Edge track wheels out of the deal and the best part? 100% of the amount I paid for them goes directly to the MVA. Thanks to everyone who went to the auction and donated as well as bought some items there.

Oh and Squadra is back to their short shenanigans. Remember last years fiasco with the sugar shorts? Well this year there appears to be something missing from the side panel... DOPE!

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