Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I think of you often, Brad.

Just where the trail splits in two, north of the University, next to Metropolitan Market. One day in early spring we crossed paths - you on one side of the moat, I on the other. You took your hands off your bars, sat up and said, "hey fast lady!"

I think of you every time I ride there, which is pretty much every other day.

I remember that morning. It was raining, as usual. You were helping with the race - spearheading it and coordinated volunteers. Your contribution to the cycling community unparalleled. Calmly, you told me how to take that final corner - instilling confidence in a daunting task of taking a slippery turn at 30 mph.

And the time Emily and I traveled down to Alpenrose for the AVC my first year of track racing. How happy you were to see your wife home that Sunday, commenting "thanks for bringing my wife home safely." That kind of love makes tears well up in my eyes.

I think of you when I look at Rainer. Knowing you're there in spirit and mind. Probably hanging with Ryan and having a great time.

You are missed Brad. You are missed.

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