Sunday, April 11, 2010

No more bonkage

I laid awake in bed this morning, replaying the race over and over in my head. Yesterday's lackluster performance has me reeling - what went wrong? Did I over train this week? Why couldn't I push into the pain cave more? Is that all I have? What's the deal, yo?

But sometimes you just have a poor performance just because. It's hard to admit this - that you just had a bad day on the bike. Especially compared to the hundreds of good days on the bike - but they're bound to happen.

And being the over analytical woman that I am, I think I may have pinpointed it. Food. It all comes down to food. Eating a breakfast at 8:30, no matter how big it is, and then racing at 2 in the afternoon is just plain suicide. No wonder I felt like caca. My engine was on empty. The real bummer part is that this is something I can easily control. Dope!

Training this week? Did I over due it? I don't think so - I really think it can be pinned to poor nutrition this week and a few days leading up to the race. Time to revisit the old cookbooks and make a week long plan in preparation for Walla Walla. I'm vowing to myself to always have food on hand ready for munching all week long... it's not rocket science.

Big huge congrats to Wheeler for another fabulous win yesterday. This girl wants it so bad she's laying everything on the line and going for it. It's super inspiring and makes me want to push to new levels too. Thanks Wheels!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen! Who do you think I was inspired by?

If I recall, last year at this time, I was jumping up and down at the thought of riding and learning from you.

So thank you!

Ms Littlefaster said...

Hard boiled eggs are a good thing to have in the fridge- serves as a quick snack with some protein. Also, grapes. Keep them out of the bag, rinsed, in a bowl. ready to grab a handful. Of course, the tanins can make for dry mouth. Don't eat just before workout.

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