Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stage Four

The objective: position yourself as best as possible throughout the entire 4 corner straight forward course.

Result: okay positioning - but not the best for the final sprint as thoughts of last years crash and the previous week's dance in my head. This hesitation amplified in every corner and we all know that stressed cornering leaves little room for error and fatigues the body more than a relaxed approach. So in that regard - I had a kind of a downer race. But the good news is that I'm eager and excited to work on that mental aspect and have already visualized killing it for the next one. I think the thing that scares me the most is having other bad handlers around me (which you can't control at all) and now that I've recognized it and will only be responsible for myself - I'll be gracefully diving through those corners in no time. Look out!

Melissa Sandborn was on fire - taking nearly every prime and winning the race. She came ready to throw down more than the rest of us and it showed.

Next on tap? A weekend at the cabin in Mazama. We're joining friends Camille, Josh (happy anniversary by the way!) Kyle, and Laura for some mountain biking and running adventures. I'm stoked! I haven't been over there since January and look forward to spending some time in the valley.

Have a great weekend!

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