Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready, set ...

The anxious moments before the race. Especially one that's just up the street... the normal pre race motions thrown out the window since I can get ready at home vs on the side of the road out of my car. Which do I prefer? Probably out of the car to be honest. I've taken three craps already. At least its at my own toilet vs. a porta potty. Sorry - a little graphic but true.

Embrace the nervousness. Let it flow through you. Enjoy this moment and the time to come. The leg shakes, the finger nail biting, the inability to chill and sit still. The feeling of about to get your body to move as fast as possible. It seems intensified when I get ready at home. Seattle's speed week is later this season and you can bet I'll be just as nervous - if not more so.

It's go time.

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