Monday, April 19, 2010

Stoked/Not so stoked

Lots of pluses and a couple of minuses this weekend. Let's play the good old game of highlight/lowlight... with more emphasis on the highlight.

Got to get out of the ci-tay for the weekend and head to that land of rolling hills and sweet, sweet onions. The weather forecast predicted 70s all weekend and it delivered!

The first stage, which hasn't been mandatory until recently, did not have the battering winds and harsh conditions. Instead it was super pleasant.

Hitting my VO2 max on the QOM hill and not recovering in time to catch the peloton. MAN! That hurt! But the bonus is - I find it super hard to train in this zone so I definitely got some good hard work done in this arena. I look forward to displaying this punishment come October....

Wheeler came to play! She was ready for a solid performance and the team was ready and set to rally around her for the GC win.

Wheels loses both contacts in the crit and crashes HARD with 2 laps to go. She has to go to the ER and get checked out.

Wheeler only broke her collarbone despite being twisted up like a pretzel on the ground and not moving. She was smiling in the hospital bed and giving the doctors hell. So glad she's okay!

Unfortunately at Sunday's road race 3 more HBer's went down - taking both Liz's out of the race and banging up Julie a little bit.

Sunday was 75 miles of pure bliss. Well, sort of. If you take out the 3 times up the 2+ mile hill at 5% gradient. Oh - and the winds. And the screaming hot feet. But thankfully - I jumped on the "cool kid" ride and we made the most of the remaining time off the back. This was the best thing I could have done - I feel mentally fresh and ready to go again next weekend.

Hats off to KR team for the dominance this weekend. You ladies came and threw down the gauntlet! Well done, well done.

And for once - this trackie isn't thinking only about track now? Wow - that's a first.

YAY for biker tan lines!

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