Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lately I've been super chipper in the morning - up and at em at the break of dawn and raring to go. I get all of my house chores done as fast as possible, avoid the computer and make my food for the day. I head into work, eat more food, catch up on the computer and then start planning my afternoon riding and dinner. By the time dinner is done and the sun sets, my eyes start drifting further and further shut until I can barely keep myself awake. Last night the clock read 9:20 when that happened.

Ah...there's nothing like a solid 9+ hours of sleep a few nights before a stage race and a two hour blissful massage by Genevieve.

This weekend takes the HB ladies to the town name they liked so much they named it twice - Walla Walla. Where sweet, sweet onions grow, wine is made in droves and bikes are raced with fury. Time to test the legs and put some hurt on.

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