Saturday, November 29, 2008

Switching it up

Last night I had a slumber party at Pat and Christi's with the intention of going on the Rocket ride this morning. I slept super good - in until 7! A record! But we quickly discovered the wet mist and immediately changed our plans to go hike Mt. Si instead. Wise decision.

Si is a 8 mile round trip hike that gains roughly 3500 feet. It's a steady constant grind to the top and today it was super duper muddy! Luckily we were prepared with our hiking boots, pants and rain jackets. But poor Makiah was dirty from head to toe.

Christi snapped some awesome shots that were an instant reminder of why I love living in the Pacific Northwest.

But I was also reminded just how dirty Makiah can get. Low clearance does not bode well for muddy trails. She was so tuckered out by the time we got back to the car that she didn't fuss at all when I picked her up in a towel to try and do a little damage control before throwing her into the car.

Check her out! What do you think she was thinking here?

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Michelle Stiles said...

Makiah is such a sweetie! Look at her smile! She reminds me so much of Natasha. They are such little bundles of joy!
Take care.