Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last night I sat on the couch, loving Makiah up, thinking about multiple blog entries I could write and that are long over due. Funny when they strike you, you have the best of intentions - and if not acted on fade into oblivion.... but today's, well today's must be written.

Ryan and I have hosted Thanksgiving for the past several years at our house. The family is of course always invited but we usually invite a couple of dear friends into the mix. The house gets cleaned, the tables set three days in advance, the china brought out, the silverware polished, place cards set, no detail over looked. And that's just the table! Cooking the food is a three day ordeal as well - turkey brine prepared Tuesday then soaked Wednesday, pies baked, rolls made, ovens kicking out some serious heat, the aromas associated with cooking such a feast spread throughout the house. (Not to mention the hours put in prior collecting food, trinkets and such the week before.) Ryan's duty was to pick up the beverages and listen to me get neurotic as the dinner hour approached. And as we sat down and consumed three days worth of prep - in a matter of minutes, and then sat for hours around the table laughing and having a great time with our loved ones - we both would look at each other with a huge sense of contentment and commit to hosting it the next year.

But life throws curve balls.

My mom happily picked up and carried the torch - this time moving the celebration up to Chuck's house in Mill Creek. Turns out Chuck's never had a dinner party at his new house since he moved in three years ago. My mom has been carting her entire kitchen north - making multiple trips to ensure Thursday can be as good as it gets. Funny - it's only the two of us from our family. Everyone else is doing their own thing this year with their loved ones. I did invite Pat, Christi and Guy - they'll be joining us for the over eating. And I'm sure Ryan will be there - in all of our hearts. And Chuck's entire family will be there too.

(This is usually where my entry abruptly ends)

I'm so thankful this year for the past 12 years of my life that were lived to the fullest and without regret. And thankful that I get to continue living with my memories and create new ones. I hope your Thanksgiving is spent with those you hold dear to your heart and you're at a time in your life where you are truly happy.


jaimie said...

I write this with tears in my eyes and a serious pain in my heart. I was actually dreading this holiday season, because as you know that is when we see you and Ryan the most. I've been looking at all our family funny pictures from holidays past, and it saddens me there will be one less voice of laughter at our home this year. I do miss him and think of him everyday. It does feel though that he is with us always.
Coleman is now starting to ask about him and I always say, "Uncle Ryan is EVERYWHERE!!!"

Dave said...

Oh Jen you paint the perfect picture. The bird just got in the oven and Kristin is getting more neurotic by the minute. I had to get out of the kitchen and start sampling my beverage choices. I'm sure Ryan would have approved of my selections. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day Jen.
Erin Doucette

Anonymous said...

I never met you but raced Master's track in San Jose in September.

Very sorry for your loss.

Brett Clare