Saturday, November 01, 2008

Holiday #1 - DONE.

Halloween always kicks off the holiday season in true style. It's all a down hill slide from here. It's the one night where people are finally comfortable to let their guard down, show a little skin, go out on the town and drink too much. Myself included. Ryan and I have always celebrated Halloween - from leprechauns to Hunter S. Thompson outfits to genies, tweedle dees and dums, to fish heads. It's just too fun of a holiday not to participate in - and usually results in some good stories.

Like last night for instance - I broke out my stinky boxing gear from a past life and donned it to Tricia's house. Morgan drew a black eye on my face, trying to make it look realistic. And then later that night at Christine's party nobody messed with me. Not a single soul. I could have been a contender! So what I was dancing with a cow boy? Too funny. And if I didn't have a crazy enough night - Dan and Adrian branded themselves last night. Crazy boys!

I came home, safe and sound, crawled in bed, thankful to have survived another Halloween, but this time without Ryan. I wonder what he would have been this year.

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jaimie said...

I was thinking of you last night, and the way you and Ryan always dressed up. You two were perfect together, and he would have been proud to see you out and about having such a great time with friends. You sure are a trooper and also my HERO!! I love you Juice Mama and I am proud to call you my family!!!