Sunday, November 16, 2008


I truly believe you can gain something through every relationship and friendship that you have with people. Each encounter has something valuable to teach you - and recognizing what that is can often be an art. It can also be very obvious.

Take my step-sisters for instance. When my dad remarried when I was 12, we had an instant family of 7 kids. I was lucky to grow up with not just one sister, but five. We all had a great relationship growing up - but once our parents divorced, we all went our separate ways. We recently reunited - and Aimee and Sarah came up to hang out in Seattle this weekend. Every where we went we came across people who were drawn to us - our happy and fun demeanor breaking down any walls that people would normally have. So my obvious gain from my relationship with them is actually that we will continue to live and grow together throughout the years. It is so special reconnecting with them and seeing how special each and every one of them are. I feel so fortunate in having 7 sisters. (Jennie, Sarah, Aimee, Betsy, Marcy and Jaimie)

Funny - when I was a teenager I always thought I preferred to hang out with the guys since I was more athletic and couldn't stand drama. But as I've grown, I've discovered how special and meaningful all the ladies in my life are.

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