Monday, August 27, 2007

Office Drama

The nightly patrol crew found some stuff strewn across the parking lot last week. Items include several Navy papers, diving gear, camping gear and some random Video Isle DVD cases. I called Video Isle to see if we could figure out who's stuff this is - and the strange thing - both videos were returned without the cases and were rented by two different people.

The mystery deepens.

I looked deeper into the garbage bag of belongings and found some naval papers - including Matthew's phone number and gave him a call. Apparently he's out to sea right now. The video people live on Queen Anne - and were at work so I left more messages.

Here's my prediction - the navy guy got totally wasted, broke into the video cases homes, stole their video cases, decided he was leaving on duty at 6 am and dumped all of his belongings in the parking lot a 3:45am. No wonder that guy isn't calling me back. :)

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