Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I just harvested my first cucumbers of the season and boy are they tasty!

Things really haven't slowed since the weekend. I woke up Monday morning and dragged myself to the gym. The body felt pretty tired but I was still able to push the weights around. Work as usual followed by a short spin afterward to flush the legs. I ran into Liz and Jeff on the trail and we headed to Zoka's. Then I booked it home to cook a salmon dinner for Gary and Anita (Ryan's dad and step-mom). My mom showed up too and we laughed the night away. It's nice to see Ryan's folks.

In the morning I woke up and took the van in for a standard oil change. Unfortunately they discovered our transmission is leaking fluid all over and will need to be replaced. (Can you say 2-3k? OUCH! That's going to take a while to fix...) I headed out to Kenny's house by 9 am and picked up his bike and while he got ready I watched Makiah chase their kitties. (Don't worry Annette, she didn't get one!) We headed to the track and did some motor pace efforts. The legs were feeling heavy - so we kept the gear light. Oddly, I sprint better seated then when I stand up. Hopefully we'll get that figured out before too long.

Gary and Anita came out to watch and caught the tail end of our session. Afterward I headed to eat lunch at Ray's with them while Ryan slaved away at work. Mmm... smoke salmon salad while watching the eagles dive bomb the Puget Sound for lunch. Rough life I'm telling you! We met up again once Ryan got off work for a canoe and kayak ride around Lake Union. Gary quickly found some low hanging blackberries and we carefully picked them from the boat. The lighting was amazing and the temps were just right - one of the moments that you etch in your brain forever. Luckily Gary had his camera ready to capture it.

We paddled our way between the house boats and under some piers to I Love Sushi and dined on some sashimi. Lake Union was filled with about 200 sail boats for the Tuesday regatta. The multi-colored spinnakers were amazing to watch as the sun danced along the water. Gary enjoyed it a lot - reliving his sailing days via kayak. After dinner we paddled home and caught the tail end of the sunset illuminating the Aurora bridge. It was so relaxing and peaceful. Just one of those days that you know you couldn't have spent any wiser.

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