Thursday, August 16, 2007

Feeling it

The weekend certainly caught up with me last night. Since Kenny couldn't make our motorpace session I decided to try Wednesday night track racing with the master men. With a combination of high speeds and lack of food in my system, I ended up calling it a night early during our final 25 lap scratch race. Some nights you're just not feeling it, you know?

Only a month and a half before track nats. I should be feeling tired right now - and I am. This is the last big build push before a rest and then some fine tuning. I'm getting excited!

On another note - we hired my mom's cat Jazzmine to patrol the house for mice. I saw one scurry underneath our pantry the other day and then saw it again two nights ago book it under our stove. Makiah isn't that interested in rooting around for mice - she just sits by her dog bowl and growls at them. Ryan doesn't think Jazzmine will do it - but I have faith. Every day I come home thinking I might see a mouse hanging between her jowls and everyday I find the cat fast asleep on her back, paws askew on our bed.

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