Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My man is THE man!

This past week Ryan's been the wife of our relationship and I've come home late 3 nights in a row to a hot dinner waiting on the table. It's so nice not having to come home and figure out what to eat. The best part? No grudges or control issues associated - he does it out of pure love. (Did I mention we have a kick ass relationship?) Last night he surprised me with a sausage, onion, mushroom, sweet potato stuffed pepper and caprese salad that was to die for.

So tonight I got to reciprocate the lovin' and went to town with what's in the kitchen. We're on a budget now since our funds are tied up in the property so I made the most of our pantry and odd sauces leftover in the fridge. He told me he'd be home around 9 - so when the hour came, I couldn't help but call him to find out his status.

Low and behold, I asked him how climbing was and he redpointed Extended Illness AND Black Ice - both rated 5.13c! What a freakin' stud! For those not familiar with the climbing grading scale - that's nearly impossible for mere mortals. Not to mention he did not one 5.13c but TWO! Unbelievable! He said he went in with a beginner's mind - and no expectations. Funny how that works.

Way to go Bubba - you are THE man!

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