Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Zipp Wheels

Okay - so I've been doing my research. Apparently the "deals" that I've been finding thus far on Zipp's have been rip offs. Luckily I didn't fork over any of my hard earned cash to some shmuck just waiting to prey on someone who doesn't know what they're doing. I called Zipp directly and asked them their thoughts on the matter. Specifically I was comparing a 2003 909 wheelset to the current model. I was easily convinced to go with this year's technology - dimples, hubs, weight, etc. No brainer. Unless the older 2003 version was a screaming deal - say around 600-800 bucks then no way.

So I'm in the market for the brand new super duper fastest wheel on the market. Speedy Reedy has it in stock right now - but at full retail. Recycled Cycles can order it and have it here in about 5 days - with a 20% discount. That seems the safer bet - except they would not give me a solid answer of when it would be coming in. I'd much rather compromise and pay between that price with Second Ascent - but they have not gotten back to me. Time is only ticking away.

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