Wednesday, July 06, 2005


In an article posted in this months Outside magazine on boxing I found some interesting correlations between my athletic abilities and the skills one gets from pugalism. It gave me some insight as to why I'm killing the competition. The good part? Most cyclists have a weak upper body so they may never be able to hone in their boxing skills.

Of note, here's a highlight of the article by Roy Wallack...
A well conditioned boxer enjoys heightened hand-eye coordination, ideal for throwing and swinging sports like baseball and golf; lightning quick reflexes, necessary for hoops, mountain biking and skiing; improved core strength, great for paddling; and better foot speed, for racket sports such as tennis and racquetball. Moreover, your new found defensive skills will boost your self-confidence - which will in turn give you an added edge in pretty much any athletic endeavor you pursue.

So does my boxing background transfer into competitive cycling? You betcha.

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