Saturday, July 09, 2005

Aligning planets

Tonight I got a call from Kristin - my cheese friend. She bought a bike during the Bike Expo and has since been riding her bike and tonight called to let me know she completed the STP in one day! I am so proud of her! Next thing I know she'll be racing! Perfect... she can join our team!

On another note - Derby Days went well. I'm learning and soaking up this new found knowledge like a sponge. I stayed away from sketchy girl Miranda Duff and learned some of the flow that happens in the race. Gina is an animal - that women places attacks whenever there is a lull in action. She's amazing. What a great race. I place 7th - 3rd in the Cat 3s - $125! That will go to the traveling fund. Nice work.

Melinda and John are getting a separation and now it's out in the open. Bummer. My heart goes out to both of them and I hope it's a speedy and quick recovery.

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