Monday, July 11, 2005

Struck by drama - AGAIN

Son of a biscuit.... it's happening again. I just sent an email out that apparently threatened the leadership in some shape or form and now it has developed into a full on frenzy. Give me a freaking break - this is ridiculous. The details are unimportant - the message is clear. They are threatened by me beyond belief and it's getting nearly comical. It almost seems like I could say things to create more panic. And sinisterly I am tempted. Heeeehaaaaaawwwww!!!

But I won't stoop to their level so I can only just laugh it off. Cycling shouldn't be like high school - it should be about competing and preforming to the best of your ability. Nothing more nothing less. Where in the quest to fulfill this goal did it become so drama riden? Holy crap!

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