Tuesday, July 26, 2005

coming to a head

I got a phone call this morning from Jill. She was pretty distraught and confronted me about some rumors she heard from people. The first one was that the team was disbanding and the second was that I was going to form my own team. She said she was hurt that I didn't bring this up to her first. I admitted that I have toyed with the idea of starting a team because I am not sure if any of the current teams would jive with what I'm attempting to do. I told her that unless the leadership changes on Starbucks then unfortunately I cannot be a part of it. The way I've been treated and ostrasized from the get go has been frustrating and no way would I subject myself to another year of that.

I am not sure if I'm ready for the commitment of forming another women's team. It would be great - and successful for sure. But in no way would I try to disband Starbucks. If some people choose to do their own thing as a result of me leaving then that's their perogative. I am not trying to persuade anyone.

Ie crumba. Actually in some way it seems like a weight has lifted off of my shoulders.

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