Monday, July 18, 2005

fantastic weekend

wow - what a great experience this past weekend was. Talk about some competition and seeing how it's done. I was a little intimidated I must admit - and crashing might have taken some of my drive out of my legs. Being on a new track that was much steeper was challenging too - but boy am I stoked that I had that experience. I learned a lot and look forward to applying my skills to upcoming competitions - not to mention Nationals.

During the Miss N Out - I should have been higher for the up and over approach. Instead I was almost pinched out several times from the field. Ryan was yelling this at me - and before it could register I was caught in the crash. Somethings just can't be avoided.

During the 500m TT - I wasn't prepared for the G forces and pull that going that fast on such a steep track would do. I may have been able to decrease my time. I used a 48 x 15 gear - it worked well. My time was 41:21 which was faster than the Nat Qualifier - and it is said Alpenrose is a slower track. Thanks to Alynda for helping me with my start! I placed 7th in that line up of 19 women.

During the Keirin - I needed more experience with jockeying for position. When the girls attacked I should have gone right after them. I know I have more sprinting ability than the little ones - but just didn't do well from lack of experience. I look forward to practicing this more.

The 200m flier went well - I borrowed Emily's disc wheel and placed 13:66, with 49 x 15... seating me 5th overall. My match sprint was with Erin Mirabella and another local girl - I should have initiated my sprint sooner and dominated the race. Instead I reacted and did so too late. I lost some time in the corners b/c we were going so fast and I couldn't keep a straight line. It was close at the finish - but not close enough.

My second match sprint was with Amara, Miranda and larssy. Miranda jumped and I was a second too late. It cost me mere centimeters at the finish line. Dang. Maybe next time.

At Alpenrose it is essential to be on your competitors hip by the last corner on a match sprint. Otherwise it is really hard to come around the other person. I don't know why I didn't initiate the sprint - I thought about it too late and didn't risk it soon enough. Dang.

I learned about 2 years of racing in one weekend. It was great and I'm really looking forward to going to Nationals.

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