Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Checking in

Rested the past couple of days. Only got on the bike to commute to work. Last night I went to the women's clinic for a nice mellow workout - did some jumps in a 49 x 16 and spun my legs out. They definitely had some efforts thrown at them this weekend.

This morning I woke up early and beat traffic to the Eastside. I warmed up with 25 laps at 85% heart rate effort and then did 4 x 1k flys with 49 x 16 and three laps between (about a 3-4 minute recovery). They were difficult to maintain a fast pace for the entire effort - but I did my best to maintain a zone 4 and not cross into the zone 5 upper threshold. I'm not sure if anyone will be at the track in the next hour - but I will give it a go and spin for about an hour. I'm supposed to sit in on Madison practice but I don't think anyone will be there.

On the Starbucks front - I'm not sure what's going to happen. Joyce has been incommunicato and Rachel is sending out team emails again. I would rather not even participate in emails - it has left such a bitter taste in my mouth. The moment I start thinking about responding my stress shoulder starts flaring up again so I'd rather not go there. I mentioned troubles in paradise to Kelly last night - she said she knew Joyce was psycho through the community but hasn't experienced it first hand. Melinda and Cindy had some wine the other night and got to talking and are ready to realistically form our own team if need be. Kick psycho off and a lot of our issues would go away. Again - I've already given this far too much thought than what it's worth.

On a side note - today's my mom's birthday. We're talking her out to dinner and celebrating. She's such an amazing person.

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