Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pedaling for Joy

Or should I title this one, the joy of pedaling?

Either way, every time I crank out some revolutions a big fat smile spreads across my face. I am living in the moment, intoxicated with fresh air and endorphins, soaking in experiences and views that life has to offer and Vitamin D. I find so much joy in competition - from mastering the art of cornering, collaborating efforts with teammates, feeling the flow of the group, anticipating the surges and testing the body - and demanding your competitors challenge you and visa versa.

What a weekend. I had my own personal stage race. Track on Friday and Saturday and crits on Sunday and Monday, with a plane transfer. But my favorite part was racing with my teammates who are so savvy and bad ass. I am honored to deliver them a win yesterday. We all had big fat smiles on our faces. And I hope someone caught us doing a four way hug huddle after the race on Monday. Summer bike racing with friends? Yes, please!

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