Saturday, July 30, 2011

BIG steps

I've lived in this house for 10 years. The gear pile Ryan and I accumulated filed half the basement. It didn't help that we both worked at REI and got a pro deal on EVERYTHING. I swear every paycheck we earned there went right back into outdoor gear.

We also held onto sports gear from our younger years. I've counted 5 pairs of skis over 198 in length, 3 tennis rackets, scores of trophies, dozens of climbing shoes, ski boots, hockey sticks, stinky boxing gloves - and my prize possession rediscovered today: CHUCK NORRIS ass kicking gloves.

Guess which item made the cut?

It's wild going through this stuff. Especially Ryan's. It was from an era long before we ever met. He was so flipping talented of an athlete. Baseball, football, hockey, basketball - anything to do with sports - he mastered. He also mastered collecting cards. I have well over 5,000 of them. I can just imagine him as a little kid - organizing them in scientific fashion and pulling a fast one on some unsuspecting kid who didn't know the worth of what they held in their hands. It's sad, going through his stuff. It's an in your face reminder of how much I miss him and how big of a space he filled in my life. But I was going to have to do it sooner or later. And I'm not carting that stuff with me to Colorado.....

I also sold my motorcycle today. That was huge. It was a gift from Ryan and we used to ride them together. I put it up on Craig's List last week and it sold within 2 days. The truth is I don't ride it. And let's face, I need the cash. Following your dreams doesn't come without sacrifices.

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