Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dream Box

Months ago I read somewhere on how to make a dream box. Basically you take any shoe box or something similar in size and write "Dream Box - what is inside will be."

My original dream box was accidentally used by Jasmine, our office assistant. She had a copy toner crisis and needed a box. So she went into my office, emptied the contents and used it. I didn't realize it was gone until the shipment she sent out was returned to sender.

"Hey! That's my dream box!"

She looked at me wide eyed and slightly panicked.

Thankfully she put its contents aside, which went unnoticed by me in my office for a week or so. So I had to find a new box. Instead of making a cut out and putting signage on the outside, I just used a plain old cardboard box. I put the contents back in it, and it has sat for months in the corner of my office.

Today I rediscovered it.

It was just a plain box, sitting half open on the floor. I thought, what's in here? And started reading my dreams again. As I read them I realized in disbelief that most of those things have come true. Whoa.

I got goose bumps and somewhat emotional.

Inside was a poster from the Garden of the Gods, which I had collected 5 years ago on a track race bike trip with my mom. Something about that place touched me then. I remember feeling overwhelmed and giddy when visiting the Olympic Training Center. The mountains, the dry air - the Rocky Mountain high. It felt so right to be there - and I felt a strong, intuitive connection to the Springs. And now, the big news.... I'm moving there. In two weeks.

This may come as a shock to most of you - but it's something I've been thinking about doing for quite some time now. A fresh start, a huge step, and sun. Lots and lots of sun. Oh and skiing. And mountain biking. And training altitude. And, and, and..... a Big Spoon.

I also put a note in there to have long fingernails. And after 30+ years of biting, I finally quit.

So what's next? Adding more things to my dream box.


Monas said...

Yay Jen!! Yay yay YAY!!!

beth said...

wow! congrats on the move jen! that is really, really awesome! happy for you!

Michelle Stiles said...

Seriously! You go GIRL! Wow! Dive in and enjoy!

All our love