Friday, July 01, 2011

Good morning from sunny Caaaaaaaaalllllllliiiiiiifronia!

I'm sitting in Beth newels fabulous house in Oakland accompanied by a fleet of bikes in three of five rooms in the house, delicious food in the fridge, fresh brewed coffee in the French press. The excitement is building for the first of the west coast summer track camps and reconnecting with old friends. And I slept 9 hours straight. Yes!!!

On tap for the weekend: tessarosa velodrome challenge. 25 or so ladies are signed up for the endurance events. Yours truly will be contesting the keirin, points, scratch and miss and out. This is the fifth year running of the event and it's crazy to see old footage from those races - and realize how much accumulated knowledge and muscle memory has developed since then, not to mention hair styles and bike upgrades.

Racing doesn't start until this evening so the morning roller ride is first priority, eating, lounging, sleeping, surfing, you know- the important things. I'm building up my energy for some cheetah action tonight. Focus, speed, and as Anita would say, going for the jugular.

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