Thursday, July 07, 2011

A different kind of speed.

My track bike's chain stays are pristine. I only ride it in dry conditions on the velodrome. It lacks the missing paint chunks from a chain battering the stays. My bike's pedals are fixed to the drive train so that when it's moving, so do the pedals. I pump my tires in excess of 140 psi. I have one gear.

But my, oh my - do I lust over some down hill adventures.

I watch these aerialists fly through the air with bated breath. My jaw drops observing the impossible lines these athletes take. They fly through the air sideways, landing on 35 psi fat tires, punishing dual suspension, rocking their bodies in a whirl of adrenaline, close calls and hairy descents. They trust their line, their bike and most of all - gravity.

Kona Operator - Shimano Saint from Christopher Halcrow on Vimeo.

I want to try this.

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Brian Peterson said...

Since my track/road season is out the window, I'm thinking about the local DH series this fall... Love the speed and flow. Can't wait for the dirt jump bike to get here too!