Sunday, April 29, 2007

I LOVE cycling

Cycling is so dynamic. It's never the same - it is always changing. I love the challenge of not being able to predict outcomes - only taking what you think is an educated guess at best at something. Seeing if that works, trying it again in another scenario, failing and then trying again.

I love that there are so many ways to give back to the sport. From waving to the daily commuter, smiling and making someone's day, to pushing my competition to be the best they can be. From getting involved with grassroots projects to being one less car on the road.

Today's race was a nicely baked and brought to room temp humble pie. Luckily I didn't set any expectations on myself for todays race - other than just finishing it. And guess what, finish it I did! DFL. But for those fleeting moments when I was in the pack spinning my crank and putting power to the rear wheel - it felt amazing. It inspired me to get back in shape, as quickly as my hamstring will allow, and get back to the level I want to play at. My inner voice, for the most part, was positive. The sun was shining - Elma is one of my favorite courses - and I am on my way back. So what DFL? I am so very proud I was able to finish my first 2007 road race without injuring myself. That in itself makes me smile.

Plus it was very encouraging to have a million hellos and nice to see you backs. Thanks friends - I appreciate it. You're another reason why I love this sport.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I cannot believe track season is just around the corner. I spent a good 6 hours out at Marymoor today helping Hyun with a class and got to do some efforts. I did one flying lap effort that sent my lungs into serious shock. I had forgotten how painful it is those first few times rolling on the track - talk about track hack!

I ran into my neighbor this afternoon. He was eating a Mango and soaking up the sun. We've only just waved in passing and never really said much more than that. Jo, my other neighbor, mentioned Charlie was a serious gardener. We have this greenhouse in our backyard that we barely use and it has collected a bunch of random things - weed killers, cat shit, turf, branches from the last wind storm, etc. My little bit of use really doesn't do it justice. The previous owner had it all rigged up with lights, growing tables, etc. I would much rather see it being put to use rather than collect spider webs - so today I spent some time cleaning it out and then offered it to Charlie to use as well. You should've seen his eyes light up - he couldn't believe that we had a green house. Well have at it my friend - just teach me a trick or two while you're at it!

Resting up for tomorrow's big adventure....

Friday, April 27, 2007

First race of the season

Well, that's not entirely true. There were those two races in March that were pretty much pathetic displays of my hamstring injury. Both resulted in me pulling myself out of the race and the last of which making me realize the best medicine for an ailing hamstring is just to take time off the bike. I sought out a new PT for another opinion, got a motorcycle endorsement and worked on our basement. It took some time to get over the initial shock of not being able to do what you've been training for and investing your time in for the past three years - I'd say about a month of mourning. But then the skies parted, I realized only I could help myself heal better with positive thinking and viola! My hammy started feeling better and I started seeing some serious improvement. A new bike fit for my entire fleet, several trips to the dump (basement stuff), several 4+ hour mountain bike rides at Gallbreth, and about 200 miles on my rally machine - and I think I'm ready. This weekend, I'm headed to Elma despite rain or shine for one of my favorite bike race courses. In my head, as always, I have thoughts of winning the race with a breakaway move. But in reality, I'll be thankful if I can finish the race without any hamstring discomfort. Notice I said hamstring discomfort, not just discomfort. It's been way too long since I put in that sort of intensity so I know it's going to be a mind, leg and lung expander. But I welcome it with open arms!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This Weather!

So last night I had to make a call as to whether our track class would be held or not. Seeing the dark omnious clouds cover the East side made me panic and then cancel. About an hour later the sun started breaking through the clouds and then it didn't rain until this morning. Bummer!

The forecast made it sound like today would be better - with only a slight chance of showers. Well at noon there was a full on downpour. Stinking rain. Oh well - I'm headed out there regardless.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Rumor has it...

I've stopped racing and my hamstring is no where near recovered. So what that I've gained 30 pounds and my bikes are collecting dust? Ha! Chocolate just takes better when you're a couch potato.

Just teasing. The hammie's coming along - able to do 4 hours of mtb riding Saturday, followed by some TT threshold training Sunday. It felt super good to ride my speedy reedy cervelo. Looking forward to some racing this weekend.... YAY!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

UP to the ham

Camille's having a birfday party this weekend. So we get to head up North and do some more single track! Yeah!!!

Actually the weekend should be filled with two wheel pedaling adventures. I'm riding out to meet Ryan in Mill Creek and then a tour around Index on Sunday. Sweet. I just hope I can walk come Monday. :0

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let's get NAKED

New bike is on order as of Friday.

As Glenn would say, that's STINKY!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quite a shocker with the recent national news about the VTech massacre. My heart goes out to those who were effected by the horrific event. But it does make me wonder, we have slaughtering going on around the world where car bombs kill 84 people in one event - and not so much of a bleep is mentioned in mass media. The violence increases and yet a homeland event gets more press than the inhuman acts happening across the globe. I just don't get it.

Is it because we're desensitized to what's happening abroad? We don't realize that hundreds of thousands of families have lost their loved ones as well and something needs to stop? It's happening to someone else on the other side of the world - it doesn't hit home. But when it does then the questions start - the absolute frantic need to correct a screwed up system. Freaky.

Maybe I should just crawl back into my sheltered bike racing life and hope it never hits close to home. Sorry - that's my soap box for the day.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Warrior

Headed to Leavenworth this weekend and got in some sun, climbing and riding. It was awesome getting some mileage in on some new roads. The Ponderosa Pines kept dropping their big ass cones. At first I couldn't figure it out. You'd hear this strange crashing noise and then BAM! Right in front of you a cone would hit. I was convinced some evil Geiko Squirrels were doing it for insurance money.

Then on Saturday night I had a run in with a tick. After riding up and down Icicle Canyon road I tried hiking to the upper 8 mile buttress to watch Ryan and Andrew send some new climbing projects. The path and approach description were sketchy at best - and after 20 minutes of scampering over scree I decided to turn around before I got lost. I had strapped my jacket to the outside of my pack and it kept getting stuck on branches. Once safely back to the van, I broke out my book and stretched out. Then I felt a little trickle - like someone dropped something down my shirt. I thought nothing of it - until later at dinner I felt something scurry up my back - only to reach up and feel a tick on me. I made Ryan go to the bathroom with me to look for the little bastard and he thought I was crazy. After not finding anything, we went back to the table and had some more food and drinks. Then I felt something on my neck, swiped it away - only to find a tick. GROSS!!!!! Those things give me the willies. NASTY.

We poached some camping up the Tumwater Canyon Saturday night. That's the beauty of Maggie - you can pull over any where and set up camp. I swear I heard some animals scurrying outside though in the middle of the night. Camping also makes for some excellent bed head hair.

I planned a bigger day on Sunday for riding. This time down to Plain and back. It's a steady climb into town and then a super fun fast 1 mile descent into town. I passed a woman climbing up the road and scared her half to death. Road riders are not common out there. That and she was probably honing in on the cone squirrels.

All in all a great weekend. I even got some rock climbing in! It's great taking advantage of these race down times.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back on track... well sort of

Yesterday was a slow reminder that I'm not back to where I was and still have some time to put in the saddle before any serious efforts. I felt so good after Tuesday's double day that it was nearly painful when I couldn't put the energy or wattage into the short rollers out and around Mercer Island. Poor Ryan was rarring to go - he's an off the couch kick your ass kind of athlete and his engine was ready to go. But he had to wait patiently for his slow wifey poo. My slow days are numbered though.

We ran into Chris after going through the curveys and chatted with him for awhile. He made a comment that it was almost painful to see me this way because he knows how fast I was. Oh well - like I said, my slow days are numbered.

Speaking of injuries - poor Tyler Farrar and his broken knee cap. Those cobbles sound vicious! May he have a quick and speedy recovery.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back on track

Things are starting to get back on track. My hammy is doing much much MUCH better. I did my first hill/interval workout yesterday morning followed by an evening spin and it feels GREAT today. Which means I can start seriously looking at the calendar and start planning my race season!

And our house is ALMOST back together. I went and picked up the replacement desk stuff today. Ryan and I are going to shop for baseboards tonight. The appliance repair person stopped by today, looked at our dryer, washer (which he recommends replacing all of the motor parts that were submerged in the water), convection oven, etc. Things are miraculously coming back together all at once!!

I get my saddle bags put on the moto tomorrow. Which means I have to start hauling the gear around. No worries though - adventures here I come!

I had to pass up Walla Walla this year - bummer. But I should be ready for some big races soon!

(And I just noticed all of my previous paragraphs ended with exclamation points. Yes, I mean to shout them all.!! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Up and coming...

My goal was 55 single leg hamstring raises - and this weekend I made it. That means I can start officially start training again. YAY!!!!!

It's been two months of on again off again hammie issues - but I think it's safe to say I'm finally over the hump and I'M STOKED!!!!

Went to Bellingham this past weekend and did some fun mountain biking with Orien, Sonja, Josh, Seth and Bubba and had a blast. The hammie survived the ups and downs and actually felt really good the next day. The weather was awesome. I miss the Ham. It was fun to hang up there.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Grinning from ear to ear!

Picked up the new ride last night and went for a spin. I don't think I can wipe the smile off my face even if I tried.

Oh the wonders of man made machines.

75 degrees today and gorgeous - a great day to play hooky and go ride. :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


We just got our basement contents back from the flood that happened back in December. Half of our crap is wet and moldy - and needs to be thrown away. I'm taking an inventory of the items for recovery from the insurance company. And as I was lifting some of the moldy, disgusting, rotten boxes out of our basement two days ago, my back tweaked a little. I thought nothing of it, continued in my normal way and was fine. The next day, I went to lift some recycling to the van and it spazzed - sending shooting pain into my brain. I had to drop what I was doing and go try and lay down. Luckily I had a PT appointment later in the day and Izette was able to work on getting my vertebrae back in alignment. Ouch! I slept on a heating pad all night and unable to move.

Can I please just have a normal body that doesn't break down? Is that too much to ask for? Apparently! Oh well - one more day and I'll be powering away with 652 cc's between my legs.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

hammie update

Things are really starting to improve. Yesterday I rode (for the third day in a row!) without any pain or strain on my hammie. I had to constantly remind myself to take it easy and not overdue it. Excellent.

My mom leaves for Oahu again today. My grandmother had a crazy house painting experience with my cousin's husband. To make a long story short - my mom is headed over to her rescue.


The 14th Annual Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race is back!

When: May 19th-20th, 2007.
Where: Enumclaw, Washington (40 miles South of Seattle)

Entry Fees: $60 ($25 RR, $25 Crit, $15 TT), including USCF and WSBA surchages. Preregistration only - NO DAY OF RACE REGISTRATION. And no refunds after May 17th.

Prize Money $10,000!!!!

This is a Omnium stage race. Standings are based on points awarded for each stage. You must start all three events to be eligible for Omnium points and prizes.

See for details.

My team, TiCycles is sponsoring this event. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Special Olympics. We hope to see you there!