Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Warrior?

So I'm starting to wonder if I fit into the weekend warrior athlete description. Usually on Saturday mornings, I'll wake up at 8, eat a good breakfast and jump on the bike to meet the ladies at 9:30 at the shop. Then we go out for a 4+ hour ride and battle through inclement conditions. I usually make it home before it gets dark - but just barely. We've been putting in the serious mileage. It's super fun though and helps us bond as a team. We attempted our first pace line in nasty windy rainy weather - and it blew apart really quickly. Thank goodness Annette was there to get us going again - and we were quickly back to it. I was behind Liz though and she didn't have any fenders so I was seriously sprayed the entire time. By the time we stopped I was caked in mud/road grit from head to toe.

Sunday we went climbing - and my body is getting used to the movements. I'm able to do 4 solid pull ups in a row now. My goal was five - I'm almost there!

Oh - and I can't forget to mention my new shorts! On Saturday Liz had an awesome Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange. And one lucky person got to take home some nude colored shorts with a penis screened on it. They were awesome! Guess who that lucky person is? Yours truly. Don't forget to wave when you see me on the trail because I'll be saluting!

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