Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Christmas was great - spent it with family and had ZERO drama. Excellent. Giving gifts is such an awesome treat - and causing a few tears of joy is definitely worth it. :) Jaimie's due at the end of January so we'll get to spend some more time with them soon.

Ryan and I are still in project mayhem at home. This morning the demo crew showed up and I snuck away while they were working. Why hang out? If they need to get a hold of me, they'll find a way to reach me I suppose.

We now have HOT water! Good thing because last night I came home after my 3 hour ride in the pouring rain and 37 degree weather and hopped right in the shower. Oh it felt good. Despite the screaming barfies.

Headed up to Burnaby in two weekends to do some racing. It should be fun!
And a nice break from the steady cold rain falling from the sky this time of year....

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