Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ahhhh... there's nothing like waking up to the glow of a morning sunrise illuminating my house. Usually it only happens in the summer - but today I got a treat. It's just what I need because I test again today on Cougar to see if my LT has gone up. A little extra bonus definitely lifts the spirits.

I went for a night ride with Melinda last night down in W. Seattle. We did a nice big loop - about 30 miles worth and it was nice to get on some new terrain. We almost made it on the freeway and added the Portland ride just for kicks - but then realized we didn't have enough food or water - so maybe next time. :) Lucky girl - she's headed to Cabo this morning for a 5 day diving trip. 90 degrees sounds mighty good - as I look down and see it's currently 37. Burr!!! (Just remember the sunrise Juice!)

We're actually looking to take a girls trip over to Leavenworth in January for a week full of snowshoeing, skate skiing, downhill and biking, not to mention cooking yummy food and doing some yoga. I'm going to see if any cabins are available while she's away.

Wow - racing will be here soon! The off season sure does fly by when you're having fun and occupy your winter with other sports.

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