Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Weather outside is Frightful

Seriously, who wouldn't want to ride in the mid-forties, with wind gusts up to 35mph? I mean if my trees can't take, and trust me, our backyard has some serious carnage from last nights storm, then why wouldn't I want to go out today? Indoor trainers - bah!

I've been reading some mental training books recommend by Carrie Chattel (Sorry if I butchered the spelling of that one!). She's the mental training coach who came to Starbucks and did an informative clinic. Anyhoo - one of the books, "Body Mind Mastery" has some interesting takes on training. First of all you have to treat training just as importantly as racing- mentally and physically preparing for your peak event. (I'm of course picking and choosing what I think is most applicable to me at the moment - when I reread this book again I'm sure the meaning will completely change.) And another tip was to train in less than desirable conditions. I knew there was a reason I live in the PNW during the winter! And probably why PNWer's have such a high success rate when racing abroad. At least that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

It's funny - I keep the book next time my bed and read little bits and pieces out of it every night. It seems to be helping - so why not? It sure beats the typical trashy romance novel. Well, not always. :)

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