Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So yesterday a plumber came over and wanted to charge $1400 for replacing our hot water heater. I called them back and canceled the work order because we were able to buy the water heater at Home Depot for $400 and will have Tom come down and install it. Considering insurance won't cover that portion of it then we might as well save as much cash as possible.

The heater guy was over and determined that the water damage was the straw that broke the camels back. He used the analogy of putting a brand new engine in a 1969 Honda. It's just not worth it. So the cost to replace a furnace and bring it up to code - $3,400.

Meanwhile I haven't heard back from our insurance agent yet to find out when they will come out and inspect the damage. So I hired Coit who specializes in water damage and restoration. They are starting the work tomorrow morning. It was kind of wierd though. Originally the manager of the company called me to tell me we were at the bottom of the waiting list. But then he found out we had Chubb insurance and suddenly we were shot to the top of the list. Funny - money does talk.

We've been staying at my mom's - she's so generous I can't believe it. We still need to get some Christmas shopping done and life must go on....

Makiah even senses somethings going on. She's so sweet - I brought her into the office today and she's laying right next to me. Beats sitting in a freezing cold house I suppose.

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