Friday, December 29, 2006

Laid er' down

I got a later start than normal for my afternoon/evening ride but it was sunny and dry so I couldn't complain. I headed up North along the Burke Gilman to do some interval work. But seeing as it was hovering around 37 or so I took my time warming up. In fact, I was seriously contemplating the benefit of doing an interval in that cold of weather. And just when I mustered up enough persuasion to pound out the watts, I hit a patch of ice and went down, HARD.

With my ego just about as bruised as the meaty flesh of my rump, I turned around and headed back home. More embarrassed than anything - I was really thankful for the people who came to my rescue when I went down. I thanked them profusely and headed back on my way.

Oh well - I was overdue for some drama. :)

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